Friday, August 15, 2008

Spam - CNN - MSNBC

This new wave of spam with the fake headlines and lists from CNN and MSNBC are really odd. I don't know how they've managed to get thru most spam filters but it just occurred to me how to track down the culprits.

I noticed that the two news networks that are used in the headlines are pretty well known for their liberal bias. Also, the fake headlines usually allude to some spectacular mis-deeds by President Bush or John McCain.

My conclusion? It's a right-wing conspiracy to keep all the liberals so busy reading e-mail messages and trying to remove viruses that they won't have time to vote on November 5th.



1. harleyblues said...

I too received.. this type of email ps and I dont believe it is a right-wing conspiracy.. My Breaking news headlines were Heather Mills arrested & Sir Paul McCartney to get back together w.Heather Mills.. well us fans know this isn't the case!~ ta hb~

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