Friday, February 1, 2008

Mac vs PC -- Democrat vs. Republican

This morning I read that Al Gore was buying some more Apple stock. Gore has been on the board of Apple since March 2003 so I guess it's good for him to buy stock in the company. With all the news about the primaries and the presidential politics also in the paper, I started to make some connections between people’s political leanings and their computer selections.

Here's my resolution: not all Democrats use Macs but most Mac users are Democrats.

Apple's market share is about 8% these days but there are some areas where you'll find mostly Macs and few if any PCs. Schools, movie studios, art and design studios, universities and Seattle are places you'll see a great share of Macs. Not coincidentally these are also areas that are pretty sure to vote for Democrats.

Democrats like Macs for the sense of well being. Big Steve has put together a package of hardware and software that will take care of your needs and his solutions don't require you as an individual to make a lot of risky decisions that might be wrong. Mac users can't image why anyone would choose a PC.

Republicans aren't enticed by Macs because they prefer to make their own choices and decisions and want others to do so as well. PC people can choose to use Rambus memory (ouch) or Windows ME (ouch, ouch) if they want to. Even if some of the choices are bad, they know they can change and adjust.

Democrats seem to expect better results if they spend more money.

Republicans like to know how they are spending their money and put their resources into the components that will give them the best value and results.

I could go on but let's wrap this up with a reference to the ongoing Apple TV ads. If you had to guess a party affiliation for the two 'characters' representing Mac vs. PC what would you say?

Coming soon - Linux people are Libertarians!


1. Steve Prestek said...

I have to admit John, what you say sure has a ring of truth to it. I can say that in my little unofficial survey Macs and liberal Democrats sure seem to be linked. I will say this for the Mac ads. They sure are smarmy and smug not unlike liberal Democrats that like to discuss politics. I think you are on to something.

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