Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missing cursor with Firefox

I had a new web site that was working just fine except for a seach box in my left navigation panel. Using Firefox there was no cursor showing in the text input box. The box accepted input, it just wasn't showing a cursor. Using Internet Explorer it was working just fine.

I found thru a web search relating to this problem, that it was being called a Firefox bug and there were several posts recommending changing the 'overflow:' property on the enclosing 'div' or add a 'div' around the input box with 'overflow: auto;'. I tried 4 or 5 of the recommendations with no success. For me the correct solution was the following:

All 'divs' need to be used in the order of their 'z-index'. So, if you look at a view of your page source, the first 'div' you see must have the lowest 'z-index' and so on until the last 'div' with the highest 'z-index'. It matters not whether they are nested or stacked or if they overlap.

Kind of an odd fix but I'm happy to have it working.




1. Brandice said...

Heck yeah this is exactly what I nedeed.

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