Friday, August 31, 2007

Photoshop - Web

One of my web site customers has hundreds of images that need to be sized and optimized for his site from time to time. Here's how I use Photoshop for to accomplish this efficiently: Isolate and save all the images into a ''Source'' folder - use ''Window > Actions'' to record and save all the ''Actions'' needed to modify one image - use ''File > Automate > Batch'' to apply the recorded ''Action'' to all the images in the ''Source'' folder and put the final images into the ''Destination'' folder. After that I FTP the files from the Destination folder to the web site.


1. Steve Prestek said...

For those of you out there who don't own Photoshop (or can't afford it, it's a pretty pricey package), there are a number of freeware (the kind without "nag" screens or pop-up pester screens, they're truely free), photo resizing programs. One batch resizier is "Fotosizer". It is easy to use and perfect for those that want to resize a bunch of photos, to a more managable size, quickly. Just Google "Fotosizer" (without the quotes) and the home page will be the first or close to first selection.

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