Friday, August 31, 2007

Seagate - SeaTools - Hard Drive - SATA

If you're having problems with your hard drive; noisy, read/write errors etc. then you should download SeaTools for Windows. It can test USB, 1394, ATA (PATA/IDE), SATA and SCSI drives - Seagate, Maxtor and others (use DOS version for RAID drives). You may want to run Windows Chkdsk first to resolve any file system problems.


1. Mitchell said...

This is the peferct way to break down this information.

2. Vino said...

(Personal Computers) HiNormally I would buy Western Digital hard drives as their lnheptoee support and advanced replacement for warranty repairs has always been superb. But with HD prices going up considerably at the moment I managed to buy this one for a358 inc delivery. All seems well with the drive and out of curiosity I decided to run the warranty checker on Seagate's website. It showed that the drive is guaranteed for two years. After a couple of phone calls to Seagate I was given both verbal and written confirmation, by three separate emails, that the drive will only be guaranteed by them for two years and not the three as advertised by Amazon and all the other retailers I have checked. Talking with Amazon they have confirmed that I can have my money back if I want but accept that they are advertising the drive with a three years warranty but they themselves could not honour that as they believe it is direct with the manufacturer.Checking on WD's website it is very very easy to see their range of drives and the three and five years warranty they are sold with. I can't find such information on Seagate's website as you have to have a serial number and product code to check each drive individually.Checking Seagate's forum their is a lengthy 19 page thread about this drive and it dying suddenly is the main issue [forum link seems to get removed from this review but just search for the Seagate forums] as noted the drive seems quiet and working fine for me but I will not buy another Seagate drive again as there simply is not a need to buy one with a years less warranty than another manufacturers drive for roughly the same money. They also seem to offer an advanced replacement only if you live in America or Canada.I have just received a second one of these drives, needs must and all of that, but this will go into my Son's PC. This one as the latest firmware already applied. It is very quiet and seems to work fine. The transfer speeds are as expected. The drive was very well packaged. Even though this one has the latest (according to the forums) firmware CC3C Seagate have not made it available to update my other drive. Maybe in these times of very high pricing of HD's I might again be compelled again to buy a brand that I would not normally buy and so I will look forward to the time when, and if, these prices reduce back to the levels where choice is based more on what you think works out best for your needs rather than what is affordable at your time of need.

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