Friday, August 31, 2007

XP - Raid - SATA

Helped a friend this afternoon that was trying to install a new SATA hard drive in his son's PC. The PC is about 4 years old and one of the earlier models with onboard SATA and RAID. XP did not recognize the hard drive. I tried to walk him thru the BIOS setting to enable the drive and disable RAID (he didn't want it) but there were no settings for the SATA connectors. We tried a BIOS update and that failed. At last I sent him the RAID drivers for his motherboard and asked that he use the F6 option to install these on his next attempt - this worked and now he's finishing the install.


1. Adry said...

I'm with the same problem right now (came here using gogole, when trying to find a solution).When using Windows 7, the AHCI was not a problem, everything worked fine, but with XP it's a no go.The main problem is that if I set it to SATA in the BIOS, Windows XP works, but the sata ports 4 and 5 get disabled, because they only work in RAID or AHCI modes.Since I need those ports, the search to solve this continues.

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