Friday, August 31, 2007

Verizon Fiber Optic Broadband

I have a customer who is connected to the Internet using Verizon's Fiber service. His connection speeds are very good - about 15 Megabit download and 2 Megabit upload. If you want to check your connection speed go to Speedtest.net. I checked for availablity at my address and got a negative response. It looks like the pricing is reasonable (about the same as Comcast) and the speed is great so I would recommend it to anyone that does a lot of Internet work or play.


1. Ane said...

The point that is grossly okolreoved is that Comcast sells their service based on several tiers of MEGABITS PER SECOND. You can buy a 5mbps plan, or upgrade to 12 or 16 mbps plans.They don't market that you can only use #mbps X seconds per month. So if they sell me a plan for 16mbps without adequately disclosing limits, they are practicing a bait and switch technique. Lure the customer in with an attractive marketing offer, then sell them something they did not expect.Also, they do not provide any good metering, management, or QOS tools. It doesn't matter what the limit is, whether it's a fair and reasonable limit, if they impose limits on households (and in mine I have 7 machines in use for the family), then they need to provide useful tools for the ordinary consumer. As a network engineer, I know how to effectively manage my household bandwidth use, and my kids are throttled so they don't impact my Vonage service, and Vonage is set on my router as high priority traffic with QOS settings.We use hulu, joost, amazon VOD, slingbox, PS3 online, gametap, and are certainly on the high end of capacity usage (and this cap would actually not even impact me TODAY). But I use Verizon FIOS and only purchased a 2/5 plan. Even with all those services and up to seven concurrent users, 2/5 is enough for me, my wife, and kids.BUT, Comcast's marketing will fool the average consumer. Go ahead Comcast, and sell a product with bandwidth limits, but don't market something entirely different.

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