Friday, August 31, 2007

Remote Desktop - QuickBooks Enterprise 7.0

I made an initial service call to a new client today that wants to host QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 7.0 on a local XP Professional PC and have the ability to have several associates access the data file remotely. This will require networked ''clone'' PC's in his office with XP Pro and QB installed. I set up a similar arrangement for another client a few years ago using Webex remote desktop. That client had me change his configuration to a hosted server with Windows Server 2003 when his need started approaching 10 users - about 4 in the home office and 6 across the country. This client doesn't expect more than three remote users in the near future so this means he'll only need the ''server'' PC and two clones. He had two used PC's for the clones and one new one for the ''server'' on hand. Since we plan to use Microsoft Remote Desktop, he needed to upgrade his ISP account to 5 fixed IP addresses. I set up one connection using his current IP by pointing the router to the ''server'' box and opening port 3389. His high speed fiber connection should make this work quite well (see below).


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