Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Deluxe Checks - web stores - annoyances - deception

I started to place a check re-order this morning thru my US Bank Online account. They re-directed me to Deluxe Corp. via a private label portal. Since I've done this a few times before, I expected that the process would take about 5 minutes or less. The first screen showed my sample check with the correct starting number etc. The only problem was the default quantity; '1 Box'. Most of us know that a ream is 500 but don't know how many checks are in a box. Since I use checks individually and not by the box I thought that might be useful information. After about 15 minutes of searching their web site, going thru to the last step of the order and going back thru the US Bank site, I found no quantity other than 'box'. I decided to call the 'help' number to find out. When the lady asked me what I needed, I said I'd like to order a 'case' of checks. She said how many is that? I said, I don't know but it's more than a box. After about 5 minutes of toying with her, I noted that her first question...

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

query hackers - htaccess - Helicon - ISAPI - rewrite - Google

For several weeks now, I've been detecting hack attempts involving appending urls to my query strings. So instead of my actual query of 'Contact' or 'Item1' etc. I get someone’s link to a site that they have already compromised. Here are a few examples: http://honamfishing.co.kr/phpmysqladmin/libraries/oduzov/nel... http://sans-packing.ru/img/jipeqap/ehudute/ http://sahel55.com/articles/omaduro/kimumid/ http://www.psikolojikyardim.org/etkinlik/include/eto/nixaz/ http://www.pattibus.it/phplib-7.2b/pages/ilosi/dohigal/I found a few suggestions on how to block these but the best ones were all for Apache servers using .htaccess but I'm using MS Internet Information Server which doesn't have this feature. IIS uses ISAPI filters to work on incoming requests and one of them, URLSCAN, is customizable. So I tried blocking these types of queries with URLSCAN but that didn't work. Yesterday I found a solution that is working. I downloaded the free version of ISAPI_Rewrite from Helicon...

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Monday, March 3, 2008

submit form onload - auto submit - java - ASP - PayPal

Over the years I've tried various ways to get forms to 'autosubmit', or submit when the page is loaded. Some version of '<body onLoad=Javascript:Form.form1.submit()>' may work but I haven't had success with it.The solution I found today was two simple steps:1. <body onload='MyForm.MySubmitButtonName.focus()';>2. <input name=MySubmitButtonName type=text value=. onfocus=javascript:submit(MyForm);>I put step 1 anywhere near the top of the page and step 2 at the end of the form i.e.<body onload='MyForm.MySubmitButtonName.focus()';><form name='MyForm' action='http://www.somewhere.com' method='post'><input type=hidden name=Variable1 value=100><input type=hidden name=Variable2 value=200><input name=MySubmitButtonName type=text value= onfocus=javascript:submit(MyForm);></form>Notes: 'MyForm' can be any name but be sure to replace it in all instances. The 'submit' button isn't really a 'submit' button, any input type will do.I'm using this...

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