Monday, December 31, 2007

Pocket PC - Windows Mobile - Sync Storage Card

I've been using a Pocket PC for 2 years and have tried many utilities and tools. One of the best ones is Pocket Controller Pro by SOTI Inc. All I wanted was a tool to sync my storage card automatically with my desktop PC (Active Sync won't do this). This program does so much more that it was a real treat to discover all the great utilities. The fact that it allows remote control of your handheld  makes it a great value. To download a trial or just check it out, click  PocketGear.com and search for 'SOTI' when you get  to their home page.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

ASP - Serial Date - Cdate() - Function

The information and code available on the subject of converting dates to serial or Julian is very limited. After some research and tinkering, I made a Function for my use that simplifies conversions. The code is very flexible and easily modified for other purposes. I'm using it to save dates to a database and then convert them back as needed.-------------------------Function cvtDateSerial(D1,V1)  x1=Cdate(D1)  x2=x1-Cdate(1/1/1900)+2    if V1=1 then x2=Clng(x2)    'remove hours,min,sec  cvtDateSerial=x2End Function Function cvtSerialDate(D1,V1)  x1=Cdate(D1)  x2=Cdate(Clng(D1))    'remove hours,min,sec    if V1=0 then cvtSerialDate=x1    if V1=1 then cvtSerialDate=x2    if V1=2 then cvtSerialDate=FormatDateTime(x2,2)    if V1=3 then cvtSerialDate=month(x2) & / & day(x2)    if V1=4 then cvtSerialDate=month(x2) & / & day(x2) &...

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Monday, December 17, 2007

CSS - Firefox - IE - Compatibility

Browser compatiblity is a frustration many web designers and developers deal with on a daily basis. I've found that most of the problems can be solved by testing your pages with the W3C CSS Validator at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/. Various browsers do attempt to implement standard style sheets and often it's a programming error that makes the pages mis-behave. There are a few things that I've found just won't work - even with perfect coding; transparent png's in IE 6, custom scrollbars in Firefox among them. Dealing with the few problems is much easier once the basic code is tested and working. Let me know what you think of the 'validator'. Did it help you?

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